We have the concept and discipline of reflection of God can be realized in the individual as the likeness of God; of course reflection of God is not the complete reflection of God as you can put a mountain in front of a mirror with the same size as a mountain and it will manifest the form but it won’t reflect function of it. This is the critical part.

When you are in front of a mirror, you are looking at yourself, of course, that figure is you but that form is still dead, it doesn’t have the same conscious and his consciousness cut off from you. It’s akin to a concept that is dead but finds life with a living organism. This relationship is the Atman-Brahman connection. While we are at this, glance at the form inside mirror again. You draw that model; you draw and decorate it conforming to what you judge as best. You decorate it with clothing to establish the most satisfactory image that pleases your desires, and since we perceive that our mind is spreading outside of our body as to our external world, since it reveals the connection within the Dasein. (That combines external and inner world.) Our mind can relate with each field, providing the best to our skeleton and most reasonable logic and action to it.

If you recognize this principle of action as our mind mirroring Being, as he is also Being itself, as being designed is causality. Then via this rationale, it’s not improper to approach the image of God in the manifested universe as causality, rather than what’s made, as we would restrict it compared to no matter, which is eternal.

Causality is the reflection of God in the physical realm. It’s kinda like a lesser mind that is captured within the duality of external-interior world, that mind that cannot reach and broaden his mind is the beast like quality and in Kabbalah, it links to Lucifer. I can understand how this approach would draw individuals to “I can do whatever I wish because I’m God.” can he? He cannot do it. For our perceptions also reveal us, but they are not breathing. They can only taint the breathing creature to show up as living. For example, you are preparing a talisman. Can you place the reflection of God (respect the God is the totality of all and yet cannot be taken advantage of by it, as finite will never experience God’s totality.) If we struggle to establish a model of eternal into a restricted vessel to establish that finite image aware, can it be even carried out? My argument is “Negative.”, just like how the reflection of me cannot develop into being aware of itself in a mirror. We cannot put higher in volume/variety being in a vessel that is less than the being itself and except it to work. That’s why symbols are like viruses.

That can hardly survive via your breath. Until then, they are dead and even with you; they show up as living, not breathing. They can only violate you. In another understanding, our theory cannot develop into being awake without us. We are utilizing our theory as an ornament of our soul. Just like how my boot cannot turn into conscious, my theory cannot turn into conscious either. This is reflection of Brahman into Atman is only occurs via causality.

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