Riches will all die

What a chaotic spirit, what a lawless atmosphere you got there, my dear.
There’s nothing but opportunities waiting unscathed.
Striving to reach, still you cannot,
Striving to clasp, yet you cannot.
For why are you struggling?

You are a fading cadaver, struggle to seek for delusion of treasures from place to place. Go down into the ground of your appetite, you wish to experience more? What a nobleman you are! You certainly do wish to clutch with your dying hands? What a splendid attempt. Move on, try it. Struggle to hold onto infinite. Yet it will last intact, for you are eternal. The blue star itself will be accomplished with a ring? Lovely, what a delicate concept!

Go on, hold it, do struggle to reach it. You are but a decomposing carcass, so shall be your ring as well. You will perish, still you expect your ring will be alive? Ah, what a vain undertaking! What a gentleman you are, struggling to preserve your love. Still, here you are. You are no-thing but death itself. Produce further, seek to attach further, struggle to be one, complete each other! Pleasantly, isn’t it? Yes, my dear, it’s undoubtedly delightful. Your desperate attempts to appear alive for a second. Please, don’t cry, you are the most courteous; you welcome your love. Yet they will vanish. Every second of ours will be divergent from the past second, yet we will develop each other. Undeniably, we are not the same individual at all.

Let me dance as your death, my dear.
Let us be alive in the moment.
Let me dance as your breath, my beloved.
Let us exchange our breath with one look,
Let us furnish this cosmos with our passion.
What a pleasant waltz ours is.
What a miserable attempt of corpse.
What a delusion he lives.

Still, here we are, graceful yet remaining nostalgic. Melancholy without any limit, delightfully as it is. For I understand my reality experiences delight, melancholy through my ring, my crown, my face. Yet I am eternal, be my understanding for my reality. Yet you are eternal, let us know each other further! What a pipe dream this rotting carcass is breathing in, what a miserable attempt this carcass is passing through. Lovely.

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