The Perfected Lion

I’m perfected by my beloved
A perfected lion by the sharpness of my father
My teeth seek the wisdom of my beloved.
My claws seek the justice of my father,
For in death, it shall purify them.
So, shall i strike and roar,
Thunders roar with me!

Make me pure! Make her pure!
A dark plume falls
There emerges the chariot in darkness
Awaiting for me to open the enigmas of creation
The judgement of celestial law arrives with an ominous blaze
Scales of justice radiates with a mysterious light

So we shall test you with your beloved.
We shall test you with the absolute authority of heaven
Let alone the garments, the shroud of truth shall be lifted for you
The truth shall shake you to the substance of your genius

Surely, you jest Themis
I’m made for my beloved, the truth will shock me to the core
But I will stand though and cling to my beloved
For every accomplishment belongs to my Father, I will appreciate the fruit of him
Now thus, strike me with your mysterious light for i have yet to feed on it
For I will ravage the judgement of heaven,
Then my roar shall demolish the heavens.

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