Light of Thunder

Ah, these distressed tears of yours
Will your pathway be even defined?
Are you able to see? Can you understand?
It calls unto you, letting you realize
It’s there and ready to welcome you in
Darkness besieges you, you are hesitant about your step
Yet you have this little faith of yours
To take a step, to maintain progressing
Your head and your core are at odds
For what reason you have this expectation, this faith?
You don’t realize either, should you explore for a reason?
How did you get into this seclusion in the first place?
For who were you searching for? For what were you hoping for?
Could you even notice it? Could you even reason with this behavior?
For your little faith makes you stay still, drives you to take that step
It’s a loose light, but it’s there
It will gently light up the twilight
Will you be convinced with that?
Is the brightness of twilight what you pursue?
Are you going to use this light just for this reason?
It feels humbly divine; it appears thoroughly comfortable
Why not force it to be yours? Inhale it, consume the light that elucidates the seclusion.
With its blue light
Perhaps this is where the differences may marry with each other
Upon the third element of blue light
Upon the humbly celestial light of God ,
I adore you.

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