New Capitalism Age and Turkey

When we investigate the tale of the world, we can identify the development of Capitalism processes because of the outcome of revolutions, societies naturally integrate with their own cultures, and their inhabitants have begun the process of collective recognition. At the start point of this realization transformation, we discover communities take up and push their sacrifices and operations as a soul. Although there are charismatic faces in these revolutions, we can illustrate these charismatic faces as values ​​and cases of this collective soul displaying himself as an epitome, carrying an esthetic means rather than being the intellect of this collective soul. Since the construction of a charismatic soul is likewise the production of social recognition. We can determine the interpretation of charismatic bureaucracy brought forward by Weber as a conception that can only appear after revolutions that will rise in the awareness of groups.

Charismatic Bureaucracy and Turkey

The production of revolutions in the West as Weber pointed out was a consolidation of reform movements within Christianity and the French Revolution transforming into a sort of code. The state and principles of the mundane life joined with the hallowed, it also meant to eradicate the delusion that established a dualistic filter of light in the minds of men. The concepts of state and community identify themselves in a more Saturnian understanding. This Saturnian understanding recognizes the ego created by the state as the spouse of the sacred, and interpreting bureaucracy and law that will occur from their marriages, as an authoritative element in the activities of entities, which establishes the ideal civilization that is the ambition of Hegel. By blending the laws of the hallowed and ordinary activity, the sanctity stone of God is likewise married with the Super-Ego stone belonging to the state. The reason these traits do not perish in time but are infiltrated into the awareness of entities is that communities and men engage in this as a collective soul. These revolutions, instilled in their own collective characters, are converted into their souls with blood and labor. The sole reason the Tigers of the Asia and West can progress is because they carried out these revolutions required by Capitalism, these steps with blood and labor as a soul.

The Role of Nihilism in Bureaucracy and Capitalism

Nihilism cannot bypass the phases of revolutions needed for Capitalism. I maintain we should recognize it as a trial entities and communities must cross that for human history, unions and social disciplines. While Weber held a gloomy attitude towards Nihilism, which influenced social disciplines and civilization, there was a perception he forgot. The factor that is human nature will try every approach to survive and be joyful. Although we investigate to manipulation the man and the culture faces with the embarrassment of Science-Nihilism, these cases take them on a dark journey of their souls, as it will be solely within their own consciousness to run out of this void of each entity. They will reach the light in the crevasse with the means in their own hands. In the Kantian thought scheme, in which Weber was likewise interested; Information will belong to us when it passes to our consciousness. The transcended ego, which he identifies as beyond the machinery earth, will take off to consume it and organize the information as a part of itself, replaying the same course of reactions with every information it engages. As Nihilism destroys the value concerns emerging from the established wisdom of communities, it is unavoidable to reinstate the values ​​presented with modern synthetic knowledge. As Weber commented, it is also inevitable to make up a value scheme resembling polytheism. Following this value scheme, the harmony of cultures – the collective soul can be destroyed, which leads to the formation of new social consciousnesses. It is likewise a reasonable conclusion that the value judgments put forward by crusted folk got destroyed ​and the world’s geography has altered. We can illustrate this as the dissolution of the Middle East after World War I, and the Balkans before it, and Yugoslavia. The nation we live in, in Turkey, where communities are no longer valid for our nation to survive in the union.

The lack of Charismatic Bureaucracy in Turkey

Unlike the Western States and the Asian Tigers, Turkey didn’t go through any revolution for a republic. Turkey didn’t spill blood and sweat for an aim called Republic. The men who engaged in in the War of Independence, we should not overlook that they were struggling for the Ottoman Empire in mind. We can interpret this from the evidence that Atatürk created the Republic with covered steps and delivered democracy out of sudden despite unsuccessful trial processes. We have to confront the case that the lives of this country did not spill any blood or effort for Democracy, Republic and Bureaucracy. As a following of this crisis, we recognize that this is not a revelational situation that the entities of this country gained, and we cannot demand the same entities to safeguard these values.

Because the evolution of Turkey was significantly flawed, passing up the steps of logical and a vigorous progress presented a deficiency of a marriage between our celestial and mundane laws, which contributed to the shortfall of the charismatic state, the charismatic authority. As tragic as it is, that when we study the history of the Turkish communities, the one-man management is a phenomenon that dominates us. Values of Turkey are undeniably a gift from Ataturk, where if Turkic people would instead fight for Democracy, Republic and Bureaucracy, we could integrate these features into our hearts and we could attach ourselves to them with passion. This nation did not take part in activities that deserve these accomplishments with their own awareness, and submitting this as a gift to us has likewise led to One Man regimes that will be established afterwards. Where if our communities were strictly linked to the values ​​that make up the Republic of Turkey, likewise binding themselves to the leaders instead of the corrupt interpretation of these gifts which serves to a devotion for these leaders. With the claims presented by characters who are Kemalist, case being, “Without Atatürk, you would not be here!” Or we can likewise see it among the views of Recep Tayyip Erdogan supporters. They have no attachment, neither an affection towards Turkey. Instead, they canonize the one-man establishment, adorned with The Neo-Ottoman dream. We require to challenge this issue so we can clear up this distorted truth. Just so we can reach the advanced Capitalist countries like Tigers of Asia and West, we dismantled our civilization, the phenomenon of our communities and passed up the logical progress of our nation. We succeeded only so far as to mimic the other are in front of us. We never tried to care for our nation with the gentleness of a father. 

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