Being with Cavity

Crumbling before my eyes, when I graze your cheeks,
Leading away the light of your eyes to the void,
Blood-crimson lip that parallels a brushed corpse
Your breath that wipes away the snakes of uncertainty
Ah, all transcends into the cavity, my beloved
My grip can feel the last phenomenon of what used to be
Collapsing the scales, delightful memoirs of what used to be
The faint of your eyes, the mysterious red rose that dwells in the South
Peach blossoms that eclipses as they fall, winding into cavity
They look rhythmic with your hair, glittering with the last faint of your eyes
Decaying light of your eyes that showed away my treasure’s last breath
Withers to the endless cavity
Carcass of my rose, remaining with my own
Leading neither to North nor South
Let me be with you

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