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Being with Cavity

Crumbling before my eyes, when I graze your cheeks,Leading away the light of your eyes to the void,Blood-crimson lip that parallels a brushed corpseYour breath that wipes away the snakes of uncertaintyAh, all transcends into the cavity, my belovedMy grip can feel the last phenomenon of what used to beCollapsing the scales, delightful memoirs of… Continue reading Being with Cavity

Fallen Sovereign

How miserable, how blasphemous the attempts of the fallen,Watching the chateau he fell from, he cannot help but grieve,The King howls, his vassals are in everlasting woeThere’s nobody but melancholyYet the King lifts his hammer, he crafts the master schemeA scheme for the Benedict of KingHe grieves as he strikes the hammer, shocks his heart,For… Continue reading Fallen Sovereign

New Capitalism Age and Turkey

When we investigate the tale of the world, we can identify the development of Capitalism processes because of the outcome of revolutions, societies naturally integrate with their own cultures, and their inhabitants have begun the process of collective recognition. At the start point of this realization transformation, we discover communities take up and push their… Continue reading New Capitalism Age and Turkey

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