Being with Cavity

Crumbling before my eyes, when I graze your cheeks,
Leading away the light of your eyes to the void,
Blood-crimson lip that parallels a brushed corpse
Your breath that wipes away the snakes of uncertainty
Ah, all transcends into the cavity, my beloved
My grip can feel the last phenomenon of what used to be
Collapsing the scales, delightful memoirs of what used to be
The faint of your eyes, the mysterious red rose that dwells in the South
Peach blossoms that eclipses as they fall, winding into cavity
They look rhythmic with your hair, glittering with the last faint of your eyes
Decaying light of your eyes that showed away my treasure’s last breath
Withers to the endless cavity
Carcass of my rose, remaining with my own
Leading neither to North nor South
Let me be with you

Fallen Sovereign

How miserable, how blasphemous the attempts of the fallen,
Watching the chateau he fell from, he cannot help but grieve,
The King howls, his vassals are in everlasting woe
There’s nobody but melancholy
Yet the King lifts his hammer, he crafts the master scheme
A scheme for the Benedict of King
He grieves as he strikes the hammer, shocks his heart,
For he submitted himself, his successor
To the very dogs he once had as subjects
To the very hounds that now pierce his hands
Ah, the King couldn’t take the departure from his bride
He left his chateau, to be with his bride,
He became the catastrophe itself, to be with his bride

Light of Thunder

Ah, these distressed tears of yours
Will your pathway be even defined?
Are you able to see? Can you understand?
It calls unto you, letting you realize
It’s there and ready to welcome you in
Darkness besieges you, you are hesitant about your step
Yet you have this little faith of yours
To take a step, to maintain progressing
Your head and your core are at odds
For what reason you have this expectation, this faith?
You don’t realize either, should you explore for a reason?
How did you get into this seclusion in the first place?
For who were you searching for? For what were you hoping for?
Could you even notice it? Could you even reason with this behavior?
For your little faith makes you stay still, drives you to take that step
It’s a loose light, but it’s there
It will gently light up the twilight
Will you be convinced with that?
Is the brightness of twilight what you pursue?
Are you going to use this light just for this reason?
It feels humbly divine; it appears thoroughly comfortable
Why not force it to be yours? Inhale it, consume the light that elucidates the seclusion.
With its blue light
Perhaps this is where the differences may marry with each other
Upon the third element of blue light
Upon the humbly celestial light of God ,
I adore you.

The Perfected Lion

I’m perfected by my beloved
A perfected lion by the sharpness of my father
My teeth seek the wisdom of my beloved.
My claws seek the justice of my father,
For in death, it shall purify them.
So, shall i strike and roar,
Thunders roar with me!

Make me pure! Make her pure!
A dark plume falls
There emerges the chariot in darkness
Awaiting for me to open the enigmas of creation
The judgement of celestial law arrives with an ominous blaze
Scales of justice radiates with a mysterious light

So we shall test you with your beloved.
We shall test you with the absolute authority of heaven
Let alone the garments, the shroud of truth shall be lifted for you
The truth shall shake you to the substance of your genius

Surely, you jest Themis
I’m made for my beloved, the truth will shock me to the core
But I will stand though and cling to my beloved
For every accomplishment belongs to my Father, I will appreciate the fruit of him
Now thus, strike me with your mysterious light for i have yet to feed on it
For I will ravage the judgement of heaven,
Then my roar shall demolish the heavens.


Let the wickedness drop into the earth!
Let the dirt rain upon,
Let them drench with their mud.
Where will they seek sanctuary in other than the Lord?
Dogs are hounding me, they are waiting for me to slip

My God, hear my cry, register my sorrow. Are they not on your list?
My God, let me savor the pleasant liqueur of your cup.
Lift my soul to be with you.
Let me dwell in your splendor within this wickedness.
Let me experience the supreme in wickedness,
Like a lotus blossom, let me blossom for you.

Lift me up, My God

My dear from the lions, Zaloskiaxaz

My dear from the lions, be my father’s hand
Lift me up, for I have sunk to the lowest
Let your will enter me, into my soul
Zaloskiaxaz, let’s draw ourselves to our father
For the magnificent cup he carries for us
He carries just for us

Let’s be drunk in the worship of our father,
Let’s waltz together in delight,
Let’s embrace with faith on our father

Ah, My Lovely God

Ah, the magnificent one who maintains the key of life and death.
AHAM, my gorgeous one,
You shall remain eternally, with the remarkable wings you used to cover me.
Let my genius take joy and gladness in you, my god, my dear god.
Do not leave me alone, for I have faith in you.
My entire presence was because to have faith in you.
I embrace you, my dear divine.
I shall flourish eternally with the splendor of yours.

Seize my hand, my god. Let me know your majesty further. Take my hand, receive me to your hand, withdraw the curtain of revelation from my eyes, let me open my eyes to you, to your principle, raise me up, my god! Receive me into your hands, I have fallen; I have fallen from your grace, my god. Jesus Christ, you are my redemption; you are my treasure. For I go on, just to cherish and worship you. My dear one, my darling from lions!

Riches will all die

What a chaotic spirit, what a lawless atmosphere you got there, my dear.
There’s nothing but opportunities waiting unscathed.
Striving to reach, still you cannot,
Striving to clasp, yet you cannot.
For why are you struggling?

You are a fading cadaver, struggle to seek for delusion of treasures from place to place. Go down into the ground of your appetite, you wish to experience more? What a nobleman you are! You certainly do wish to clutch with your dying hands? What a splendid attempt. Move on, try it. Struggle to hold onto infinite. Yet it will last intact, for you are eternal. The blue star itself will be accomplished with a ring? Lovely, what a delicate concept!

Go on, hold it, do struggle to reach it. You are but a decomposing carcass, so shall be your ring as well. You will perish, still you expect your ring will be alive? Ah, what a vain undertaking! What a gentleman you are, struggling to preserve your love. Still, here you are. You are no-thing but death itself. Produce further, seek to attach further, struggle to be one, complete each other! Pleasantly, isn’t it? Yes, my dear, it’s undoubtedly delightful. Your desperate attempts to appear alive for a second. Please, don’t cry, you are the most courteous; you welcome your love. Yet they will vanish. Every second of ours will be divergent from the past second, yet we will develop each other. Undeniably, we are not the same individual at all.

Let me dance as your death, my dear.
Let us be alive in the moment.
Let me dance as your breath, my beloved.
Let us exchange our breath with one look,
Let us furnish this cosmos with our passion.
What a pleasant waltz ours is.
What a miserable attempt of corpse.
What a delusion he lives.

Still, here we are, graceful yet remaining nostalgic. Melancholy without any limit, delightfully as it is. For I understand my reality experiences delight, melancholy through my ring, my crown, my face. Yet I am eternal, be my understanding for my reality. Yet you are eternal, let us know each other further! What a pipe dream this rotting carcass is breathing in, what a miserable attempt this carcass is passing through. Lovely.

The Gift as a Flower

It’s hard to put these emotions into phrases. I shall struggle nevertheless. I’m waking up in a cemetery, something restricts my view. I continue wandering towards every spot of this cemetery. Every time I take a step, I continue dropping deeper and harder into questions that jeopardize my own being. What do I pursue? What do I seek? For what reason I am in this cemetery? Every time I seek answers, it shifts into death, a withering corpse that is mirroring me. What should I do? I get suffocated by these questions of my own. These questions, however, are not causing a wave towards my own being. It’s like a quiet ocean. I always knew these questions. I always inquired myself with these before. These questions are just my own genuine voice.

Why I am so relaxed in this? I feel like in a deep ocean, quiet, expressing the sense of a cemetery yet quite calm. I find consolation here, why? Confronting my own emotions with my question, I look at myself within these questions. These emotions lead me to the reality that yet to occur, but existing, yet to alive, but not death either. I’m just a decaying carcass, still this feeling of tranquility is there. There must be more than carrying no attachments. There must be more than carrying no servitude. Because why I am suffering with my awareness of this carcass? Aren’t I just linked to this carcass in this first place to become mindful of it? Aren’t I adhered to these searches that jeopardize my own being? Still expressing the most pleasant passions, aren’t they just my own awareness struggling to understand my own conscious?

Seek further and plunge deeper, my love,

Yet there is something you have to discover
A relief from your most esteemed
Your beloved submitting herself in the most magnificent and exquisite form,
Just for the sake of her loved one, she’s eagerly presenting herself,
Her own soul to be with you.
Develop into one, live as one, worship as one, look as one, be joyous as one,
Even in anguish, be as one.

This is dark journey of your soul is only completed with your beloved,
Let her illuminate your mind with my works.
Let her illuminate your soul as the most splendid.
Go on, find her and receive her hand,
Cherish her, my child.

I’m just a rotting cadaver that is rotting and struggling to discover itself within time/myself. How can i discover her? But I must meet her. For I have a beginning, so I have an end. I’m paralyzed without my dear one, and my days are near. My father offered me the blossom of my soul, blossom to this corrupt cadaver, just so I can be delivered and enjoy the delight, feel the melancholy, enjoy the time itself. Enjoy it in my lungs to my spirit, every fiber of my body yearns for my beloved. We have yet to make each other pleased; we have many delightful, pleasant works to play, my treasure. Let us fill our cups, let us waltz in this moment, all is ours! All shall be ours! For it’s our nature to make each other feel alive, for there’s nobody that can come between us. For we are exalted by the God itself. For we are baptized by the God itself. Grant me your hand, my beloved.

Let us waltz in these uninhabited gardens,
Let me kiss you, let me embrace you, my beloved.
For every breath we exchange,
For every look you give me,
For every feeling there is,

You hand out the most ecstatic emotions to me
Let us illuminate these barren gardens,
So we can give birth to our passion further.